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Most of the double action revolvers listed can have their original configuration confirmed with a Colt factory letter. To receive a letter, write: COLT ARCHIVE PROPERTIES, LLC, P.O. Box 1868, Hartford, CT, 06144. The research fee for these revolvers is typically either $75 or $100, depending on the model. If they cannot obtain additional information on the variation you request, they will refund $50.
In Oct. of 1999, Colt announced that all double action revolvers would be discontinued, including any custom shop manufacture. After over 120 years of continuous production, the series of swing out double action revolvers finally ended. As a result, interest and prices for this discontinued revolver configuration have increased greatly in recent years, even on recently discontinued models/configurations. For a few years starting in 2002, the Colt Custom Shop produced both the Anaconda and the Python Elite, but both have also since been discontinued.
Prices on top condition Colt DAs have continued to remain strong, particularly for correctly boxed/cased guns. Be aware of ill-matched or wrong vintage boxes or grips being mated to an unmatched gun. Also, reproduction box end labels for Colt revolvers are now being made. But original boxes and grips will enhance the values of all Colt DAs.
- .357 Mag. cal., stainless steel construction, black neoprene round butt grips, 2 (mfg. 1988-94), 4, 6, or 8 (mfg. 1990-94) in. solid rib barrel, white outline rear sight, approx. 36 oz. (2 1/2 in. barrel). Mfg. late 1986-92, production resumed 1994, disc. 1998.
2012 -$725$650$550$475$400$325$250
2011 -$725$650$550$475$400$325$250
2010 -$625$550$425$325$265$230$195
2009 -$550$425$325$265$230$195$170
2008 -$550$425$325$265$230$195$170
2007 -$550$425$325$265$230$195$170
2006 -$550$425$325N/AN/AN/AN/A
Last MSR was $485.
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